Justice for Cat Madea

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Madea was the beloved cat owned by Deborah Bender. She was attacked by Bender's son-in-law, Lordtyshon Garrett, when Bender told him he needed to find a job and move out. Garrett lured the cat in the bathroom with him, shut the door, and ran the water. Moments later when the cat emerged from the bathroom, she was soaking wet and was having trouble breathing. He then chased her around the apartment hitting and poking her with an umbrella, which lead to severe bruising and a punctured lung, which in turn lead to her having to be put down. He has been proven guilty for this crime, but the maximum for this is only two years. How is two years going to do this animal's life justice or teach this punk a lesson? No animal deserves to be treated like that. I believe he should have to serve at least five years, and get psychiatric help. Not only is animal cruelty wrong, it's against the law. Madea was Bender's pet, her baby, and Garrett beat her just to get back at his mother-in-law. He is sick and two years seems like nothing for such a horrible thing he has done! If you agree he deserves more time, then sign, and pass on. I hope with this we can prove that we will not take animal abuse lightly! Every action we take, and every signature we get, will make a difference!

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