Hyper Mileage Protection Act

This petition is addressed to Individual state congress and city planning departments
Eligible Signatories: Those trying to save gas

With the ever rising prices of gas it is known that many people are doing everything that they can do save money on gas. If you are one of those people we should find ways to protect the right to save money, and the environment.

I propose that city developers and planners would take the hyper miler philosophy into consideration when planning streets. Stop signs, street lights, and the layout of the streets should follow the natural curve of the land and make it easier to save precious gas. All on ramps to highways should be downhill, and off ramps should be uphill this allows for slowing down and accelerating to be helped by gravity allowing for the conservation of gas and energy. Stop lights should have sensors far enough down the road that if traveling at night going the speed limit when no one else is around they will automatically be green by the time you approach them to avoid costly stop and go driving. Stop signs should be placed more strategically to allow traffic expending more energy to not have to stop or stop at different places.

These are only a few minor changes that could be made to help the average Joe save money while driving. Conserving energy, gas, and emissions.

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