This petition is addressed to Those interested in free press and choice.
Eligible Signatories: Those interested in free press and choice.

Whereas Juan Williams noted an oximoran that he would feel uncomfortale being in a plane in flight and seeing someone onboard in full Muslim regelia and whereas CAIR, taking this comment out of context and condemned it and whereas NPR subsequently reacted by firing the columnist, essentially violated his civil rights i.e. his right to free speech and whereas NPR reacted at the behest of a front for collecting funds for the Jihadists, we the undersigned protest this action and demand that NPR restore Juan Williams to his rightful position.

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The REEMPLOY JUAN WILLIAMS petition was created at 2010-10-22 20:14:13 is elligible to be signed by those that are a part of the following group: Those interested in free press and choice..