Democracy Depends On Independent Journalism

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These days news is everywhere -- on 24-hour cable networks, tabloids in the grocery store and even on our phones.

But amid the constant chatter and competition for ad sales and ratings, the lines between fact and fiction, entertainment and hostility, thoughtful commentary and hate-based opinions have been blurred. This isn't the recipe for a healthy, informed democracy.

Independent, investigative journalists -- like those at Mother Jones -- are called muckrakers for a reason. They dig through lies, falsehoods and fronts to expose the truth, inform the public and make the world a better place.

Corporate news media can get between the public and the truth. But nonprofit, independent media outlets can ask tough questions about real issues. Their investigative journalists can publish fact-based, in-depth reporting on crucial issues -- the environment, financial reform, BP's mess in the Gulf of Mexico, and the war in Afghanistan -- all without corporate censorship.

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