Make all future cars E85 certified!

This petition is addressed to All car manufacturers that sell vehicles in America
Eligible Signatories: All free people of this universe are eligible

Everyone knows that Ethanol is a more reliable and feasible fuel source for vehicles. Even Henry Ford knew it and built the original Model T to run on Ethanol. Henry Ford even fought for Ethanol as a usable fuel source during prohibition. Now every day we get closer and closer to a global crisis because the oil companies spear headed Ford's ideas and made the price of oil drop as to make Ethanol seem like an unrealistic fuel source. Now we're paying more than $2.50 per gallon of gasoline where Ethanol costs less than $0.50 a gallon to make at home. It's still not a feasible fuel source for most as cars are tuned down to run on gasoline. In order to get all the advantages of ethanol you either need a smart car that can adapt and change based on what kind of fuel you are running or physical changes need to be made to the motor. It is true that any car can and will run on Ethanol, but in order to get better gas mileage and more power you must modify your motor drastically.

I would like to propose that all car manufacturers mandate a minimum of E85 ready cars. All cars that roll off a car manufacturers lot should be at least E85 ready and some should be sold with the option of E100 ready from the dealer. Since Ethanol can be made from everything from sugar beets, to potatoes even having a small garden at your house and using that to make 10 gallons of Ethanol/year that is 10 gallons that the oil companies aren't getting. That's 10 gallons of clean burning non-polluting fuel being used.

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