I AM a Gold Star Mother

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Description: My son, Joshua Mikel Rolfe died at the age of 19, while running laps at basic training in texas for the USAF. The Air Force presented me with a Gold Star pin as Josh died while on active duty in a time of war. The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles refuses to issue my family a Gold Star Family plate, because of the wording on the Senate Bill. It is worded as follows: Any member of the immediate family of a person who died in a combat zone while a member of any branch of the armed forces of the United States may apply to the registrar of motor vehicles for the registration of any passenger car, noncommercial motor vehicle, motor home, or other vehicle of a class approved by the registrar that the family member owns or leases and for issuance of gold star family license plates for that motor vehicle. " I am deeply hurt all over again as well as offended. My son took the same oath to serve and protect as all military do. I would like to see this bill be amended to state that instead of: died in combat- to say: while on active duty in a time of war.

Do I have the right to be issued and display this license plate? And if so should Ohio SB25 be amended to honor all of our loved ones that served in a time of war while on active duty?

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