Stop the stupid advertisements for helping Haiti

This petition is addressed to Media groups spending money to make advertisements to help Haiti
Eligible Signatories: Anyone with common sense

Maybe someone can help explain this to me... There are media groups SPENDING money that has been donated to help Haiti earthquake victims (and we're talking millions of dollars) to advertise fund donations for Haiti. Thing is everybody in the Western Hemisphere knows what happened in Haiti, and if you don't well you are deaf, dumb, and blind. So why spend the extra money to advertise this tragedy when the money could be going to help the victims of Haiti?

These businesses asking and begging you for your money to help in Haiti are greedy selfish businesses that cannot be trusted. They are organizations that thrive by lying. If they truly wanted to help the people of Haiti they would set up special Haiti fund pools and give people easy access to them. Instead they spend millions of dollars in hopes of gaining more money when very small portions of it will actually be sent to help people in Haiti, the rest will be absorbed by financial short comings in the past years due to the rough economy.

These businesses are disgusting and need to be stopped!

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