Remove or Nerf Specialists in Combat Arms

This petition is addressed to Nexon the makers of Combat Arms
Eligible Signatories: All Combat Arms Players Tired of N00b Specialists

Anyone who has played Combat Crms recently has surely come across the "specialists". When Combat Arms first came out they promised that NX would only allow you to have a variety in weaponry, and for a while that is what it allowed. They said that there would never be a "magic bullet" type weapon that just pwns everything it comes in contact with. They have since changed their stance on this by adding the Specialists. Specialists in Combat Arms move faster, jump quicker and higher, have more armor, and can wield undaunted weaponry.

Everything from flame throwers that shoot fire that kills on contact and makes it impossible to see your enemy right in front of your face, to grenade launchers that can fire either fire grenades often used to fill an enemy base so everyone starts off with a disadvantage in health or regular grenades that explode on contact and cannot be avoided. These so called "Specialists" have made the game of Combat Arms no fun for anyone who plays with normal weaponry and armor. The use of air strikes, claymores, and previously listed weapons along with super speed, and armor make the Specialists the magic bullet that no one wants to deal with in Combat Arms.

The game of Combat Arms is no longer a game of skill, instead it is a game of who has the bigger bank roll... something Nexon promised would never happen. Well Nexon thanks to your specialists Combat Arms requires no skill, but rather a fat bank account to play.

We are here today to petition for the specialists to be removed from the Combat Arms Nexon NX line up. Until that time we will not play nor spend money on your game which only serves to enhance those with a fat bank roll.

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The Remove or Nerf Specialists in Combat Arms petition was created at 2009-11-14 07:01:18 is elligible to be signed by those that are a part of the following group: All Combat Arms Players Tired of N00b Specialists.