Stop the advancement of Socialized America

This petition is addressed to US Congress & Obama administration
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Our country is under siege, this is not an issue of Republicans VS. Democracts, or anything else that the media would like for you to think. This is a war on Democracy. This war is nothing new, it has been going on long before Barack Obama, and even before George W. Bush. Perpetuated by propaganda and fear we are giving up civil liberties and losing our freedoms that make this country great. Now we face great hardship as Congress tries to pass a "health care" bill with language within the proposal that allows the government complete control over your finances (bank account access that allows them to take money if they feel you can pay it back), patient records, denial of choices (among other things they can over ride your living wills or surrogate decision makers will if it doesn't fall into what they call "normal"), and much, much more civil liberties threatening clauses.

To me this doesn't sound like health care at all. It sounds like they are taking George W. Bush war on terror to the next level. We all know that W's war on terror and Patriot Act just gave the government way too much power to spy on our own citizens. Now the spying is reaching a whole new level as the war reaches your bank accounts. If this bill passes we will be handing over control of our personal finances to the government... do you really want a board of decision makers deciding when and how you can spend money? They took over the banking system giving them power over your money, they took over the auto industry, and now they want your permission to access even the most personal details of your life.

Starting to sound like Soviet Russia yet? Communism is a great theory on paper, however rarely works out for the greater good. The major down fall with communism is that those in power tend to take more than their share, it is human nature. We are already starting to see this as the health care bill is in progress to passing one of the clauses allows for members of Congress to opt out of the program... but no such language is available for anyone else. In fact it will be mandatory that all Americans get health insurance of some kind, though you will be charged higher tax rates if you don't use the government regulated health care plan.

I urge you to sign this petition, contact your local representitives, and fight against the loss of civil liberties. Because freedom lost is rarely regained.

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