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End the double standard that gives the lie to "legal" drug classifications.

A. The NATURAL HERB, marijuana, is classified as Schedule ONE and criminalized because it is deemed dangerous and without medicinal value.
The Natural Herb is a complete, highly complex set of cannibinoids and other organic compounds. It has been safe & successful for treatment of many ailments for thousands of years.
B. The SYNTHETIC THC DRUG, Marinol, is classified as Schedule THREE and allowed to be sold at outrageous prices because it is considered safe and medicinally useful.
The Synthetic Drug is an incomplete, simple rendition of plain old THC (plus who knows what else in order to render it into marketable, ingestible form). It has not been around long enough to be properly tested for effectiveness or safety.

Marinol is not safer, more effective, more economical, more ecological or more affordable than marijuana on any level.
Imitations are never as good as the real thing.
Marinol has a humongous carbon footprint.
Marinol is a corporate, manufactured product.
From what I have read recently about pharmaceuticals "escaping" into water sources, I would guess that Marinol is joining the mix of drugs and chemicals in our waters.

What this discrepancy in the laws tells US (among other equally absurd imbalances) is that
A. -- it has been deemed OK for Corporate Personhoods to contaminate our water in secrecy anywhere they want such that we do not have control or even knowledge of when or how much SYNTHETIC THC (or pharmaceutical drugs in general) we ingest
- (because it is deemed profitable to the pharmaceutical industry) it is allowed to contribute generously to pollution in general and to the GreenHouseGases driving Climate Change while wasting energy. This "contribution" occurs thru manufacture, packaging, and distribution.
B. -- it has been deemed NOT OK for Human Beings to choose if - when - how much of the NATURAL HERB we ingest
- (because it is not deemed profitable to the pharmaceutical industry) it is forbidden to contribute to the atmosphere, forbidden to counter-act excess carbon emissions (a reverse carbon footprint thru natural, biological Carbon capture and sequestration) using the natural energy of SunShine most efficiently. This "contribution" COULD occur using LOCAL ORGANIC cultivation of the real live plant that belongs to the Miraculous Web of Life, just as WE ALL belong to IT.

Therefore ...
It is hypocritical to claim that the NATURAL HERB, marijuana, is dangerous to our health, esp when it is one of the most benign of all meds on earth. It cannot kill anyone.
It is also hypocritical to classify marijuana as a drug and lump it together with all the hard and dangerous and addictive drugs, some of which destroy vital organs and ultimately can kill. This is TOTALLY UN-SCIENTIFIC!!!!!

PROHIBITION has unjustly persecuted millions over the last 7.5 decades, destroyed lives, broken families, robbed good citizens of land and homes and jobs and rights, cost taxpayers billions (maybe even trillions) and is not supported by the majority of public opinion.

Clearly this double standard in the scheduling is not for the benefit or protection of the health of the people or the environment or the economy.
Discounting and belittling the "online community" by laughing us off is not very scientific OR democratic. Neither is it good PR. It does not even make sense.

We do not need protection from ourselves or from marijuana.
We need protection from Big Pharma, "The Pusher Man".
We need protection from irresponsible and unaccountable Corporate Control.
We need protection from ineffective, irrational, unconstitutional, unjust, wasteful Prohibition Laws.
We need protection from all the Black Market Hoods, Cartels and other organized as well as dys-organized crime created, nurtured & perpetuated by the Prohibition Environment.

We need DEMOCRATIC FREEDOM FROM UN-CONSTITUTIONAL PROHIBITION, freedom of responsible choice befitting the ideals of our founding fathers, many of whom endorsed marijuana.

This is NOT about drugs.
This is NOT about the legality of "getting high".
People get "high" from all kinds of things, including alcohol, tobacco, sugar, caffiene, COUGH SYRUP, glue, designer drugs, pharmaceuticals, food, junk food, overeating, bulemia, anorexia, ginsing, ginkgo biloba, gotu kola, many other herbs, ... KNOWLEDGE, INFO, political activism, cooperation, sharing, discussing, communicating, helping others, giving, love, research, discoveries, inventions, dreams, spirituality, music, art, dance, sports, martial arts, running, aerobics, accomplishments, games, internet surfing, socializing, partying, sex, movies, SHOPPING, ... competition, power, control, financial success, greed, hoarding, robbing, arguing, fear mongering, intimidation, aggression, hunting, hate, domination, violence, TORTURE, WAR, invasion, occupation, imperialism, PUBLIC OFFICE, ... you name it.
Getting "high" is what LIFE is all about. It is Human Nature to seek what feels good and right, to avoid what does not. This is part of our natural, internal biological communications systems that enable us to perceive the difference between what is beneficial for us and what is harmful to us.
What feels good to one person can feel bad to another. We are all different. This is about being responsible about what feels good. If what feels good to one causes injury or harm to another, then it is sociopathic to indulge in satisfying the urge at the expense of others. These are the "highs" that must be taboo. Producing, using, prescribing, sharing marijuana is not one of the destructive "highs".

This is about freedom of choice.
This is about Resurrection of Democracy.
This is about the most basic human rights to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness".
This is about relief from suffering of many kinds.
This is about justice.

Reclassify marijuana to schedule THREE.
RE-legalize marijuana for all adults to use according to free choice as to what we put in our bodies, minds, spirits with the same restrictions as are already in place for alcohol consumption & non-commercial production.
Tax and regulate commercial production, distribution, sales.
Use these tax funds to pay for the social good like single payer health care, compensation to past and present non-violent marijuana "offenders", cleaning up the waters where pharmaceuticals have been allowed to pollute, etc, Etc, ETC.
Prohibit commercial monopolization so that it does not become another "JUST US" system that robs and hoards and impoverishes the people.
Free all the non-violent political prisoners who have been incarcerated for so-called "crimes" of production, prescription, possession and/or use of marijuana, giving them due compensation for lives destroyed and returning any "confiscated" (aka, stolen) property that can be returned.

Humankind and Cannabis species have sustained a mutually beneficial SYMBIOTIC relationship for Centuries.

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