Stop Killing Mountain Lions in Arizona

This petition is addressed to Arizona Game and Fish Department
Eligible Signatories: All free people of this universe are eligible

Mountain lions were classified as a "predatory animal" by the territorial legislature in 1919 and were subject to a bounty of $50 dollars.

This status continued until 1970 when the mountain lion was classified as a big game animal, and a tag was required to hunt one. Data revealed that lion KILLING increased between 250 and 350 animals per year.

The hunting season in Arizona allows unlimited tags with a bag limit of one mountain lion per hunter per year. Occasionally, bag limits are increased in limited areas for the purpose of management or research.

We believe killing mountain lions is wrong and should be illegal in Arizona.

We also believe killing mountain lions that eat big horn sheep is wrong and should be illegal, particularly when the big horn sheep were re-introduced to a once populated area, now close to residences, solely to permit their eventual hunting by hunters.

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