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The elephant and rhino poaching crisis in Africa and Asia has reached crisis levels in the last several years. In 2012 alone, about 30,000 African elephants were killed for their tusks, and a record number of rhinos -- 668 -- were killed in South Africa alone, which is a 5,000% increase in just five years.

This growing poaching crisis is not only putting at risk populations of these animals in the wild; the criminal trade associated with it also has staggering human costs. More than 1,000 wildlife rangers have been killed in the last decade by poachers, and the illegal killing of wildlife and trafficking of ivory, rhino horn and other wildlife products are exacerbating corruption, destabilizing rural communities, and undermining tourism-based economies in several African countries.

The United States government can make a huge difference for elephants, rhinos and other trafficked species if it takes strong and urgent action.

Ask your members of Congress to support new and enhanced efforts to help stop these animals from being killed, crack down on the criminal networks behind the slaughter, and crush the demand for illegal wildlife products, including ivory. Sign the petition now!

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