Tell Winter Olympics City Not to Display Wild Orcas

This petition is addressed to Government of the Russian Federation
Eligible Signatories: All free people of this universe are eligible

Russia has recently started capturing wild orcas for display and export. As has become all too obvious in the last couple of decades, captivity is a terrible thing for orcas, even more so when they have been torn from the wild. A great deal of controversy has been aroused by America’s notorious SeaWorld, but it is not the only place exploiting killer whales.\n\nThe latest development is that host city for the 2014 Winter Olympics, Sochi in Russia, is getting involved. The city has a dolphinarium, and two wild-caught orcas are being flown in, seemingly in the hopes of making more money during the Winter Olympics.\n\nThe capture and display of orcas causes immense suffering to the whales, and poses a risk to human life – some animals become psychotic with the stress. It is not something that should be associated with an event as positive as the Olympics.\n\nTell Russia to release the orcas it has just caught and not become any further involved in this brutal practice.

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