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Many companies today treat people as if they are simply a number. I have often heard that upper management believes no one is not replaceable. In today's world it seems that big business is only concerned with the bottom line and how it play's out on paper. People are like asset, they depreciate over time and when they are done with you they simply replace you. I should know you see I have type one diabetes and that is what is happening to me. this is my story. I have been working for the same beverage company now for 24 years. in that time I have held many jobs with the company, everything from warehouse, route delivery and service tech, most of my time I have been a service tech and in each role I have won awards for the job I was doing. most people reading this would say I have had a good life with the company. here is the rest of the story ?? The company over time has been offering their customers service around the clock but at the expense of the worker. let me explain??? the beverage company I work for wants their employee's to work 7 days a week from 7 am to 11 pm and only want's to pay you for 42 hrs a week. now I'm sure your saying that is not possible, if you had to work this job you would not be able to only get 42 hrs. here is how they make you do it, they tell you to back out your time?? what does that mean?? it means you go home at 40 hrs and wait for them to page you if they need you. the company has control over your hole life and if you ask or suggest another way you are told it is what it is. here is the second part of the story, after dealing with this for 14 years I was offered a route job with the company delivering pop to the stores . I took the job trying to find a better work/ life balance and the switch caused my type 1 diabetes to go out of control 3 days into the new job. this scared me, I felt like I now had lost control of my health and and my life. I asked the supervisor if I could return to my old job. The position had not been filled and was still posted with the company. I was told no, that the company wanted to move forward and in a new direction with my job. I also made an appointment to see my doctor. the doctor has been working with me to try and figure out the best way to get my diabetes in control but this has made me miss work and I had to file a case with fmla to protect my job. the supervisor has now been treating me like garbage, he is pressuring me for answers, answer I don't have. he is only concerned with the business and does not seem to care about my health in any way. my belief is the company will try to fire me when I return to work. I want to find away to help people deal with health issues and work . companies should not be able to just replace you like you are just a deprecated asset after you spend your life helping them grow a successful business for years. I believe the way I am being treated is unethical and needs to change . please help me find away to make the change for all of us

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