Join the Movement to Protect Feral Cats

This petition is addressed to Animal Shelters and pounds
Eligible Signatories: Cat Lovers

More than 70 percent of cats who enter our nation's animal pounds and shelters are killed each year. That's 7 in 10 cats! And worse, virtually 100 percent of feral (unsocialized) cats who enter pounds and shelters are killed.

It's going on all across America. And it's got to stop. Time and again, representatives of the shelter system say things like: "We kill them to alleviate future suffering; to save them from fates worse than death; because we don't have any room for them and where will they go instead?" This reasoning is wrong at the most basic - and moral - level. Every healthy animal deserves the right to live. It is our duty as a society to find ways to make that happen.

We cannot be silent as countless cats are killed every day. It is time for the nation's cat lovers and advocates to stand and be counted. Sign your name to the pledge to show that you want to see an end to the killing:

I know that the killing of cats in shelters is unethical and must stop. I want to join the movement to protect cats by doing one or more of the following (with the help of tools at

- Promote feline-friendly practices at my local shelter.
- Learn about issues facing cats by signing up for Alley Cat Allies' FeralPower! e-action alerts.
- Write a letter to the editor of my local paper.
- Distribute literature about stray and feral cats and animal pound and shelter policies in my community.
- Educate my elected officials about humane policies and encourage them to enact policies that protect and improve cats' lives.

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