Abolish this government

This petition is addressed to All Americans
Eligible Signatories: All eligilble voters

According to The Declaration of independence it is our duty to abolish this government. We are calling for the immediate government to discontinue any passing of laws. We will then revert back to all laws that were in effect in 1990. All monies from the tarp and other bail-outs and profits from said money will be returned to a newly formed bank that will held by the people and will not be removed, invested or any other movement until consent of the majority of people. We the people will then address all issues via technology. When the representatives ignore the peoples needs it can be called no more than a dictatorship. Stand up people for fair trade, fair laws, fair treatment. You must help abolish this corrupt government now, towmorrow will be too late.

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The Abolish this government petition was created at 2011-10-26 12:33:42 is elligible to be signed by those that are a part of the following group: All eligilble voters.