Justice in Arkansas

This petition is addressed to Pulaski County courts, Public Defender Commission, Arkansas ,Governor Beebe
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Supposedly on the side of the accused, public defenders for the indigent here contributed to the wrongfull conviction of a 26 year old man. Even though he absolutely and unequivocally denied the allegations offering up his public defender, many options of obtaining the truth
She Declined........ stating "she was not privy to private information".
When 95%-98% of persons accused of major crimes find it necessary to plead guilty, there is something wrong. This man is innocent and was convicted. I think the system needs some reform and more control over the public defender. The courts are handing out
convictions whether guilty or not. Bribery in the hands of prosecuters is wrong and destroying innocent people is wrong, just like letting a murderer off on a plea deal so they can go back out and kill. The justice system is backwards and the people running it have gotten so jaded that everyone is guilty, they have all forgotten about their so called ethics.
The state has destroyed the life of this man because he was indigent and scared. While I know justice may not exist but before it destroys even more lives that system needs to be
examined. When your own defence tells you they can not get the evidence???? Something is horribly wrong.

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