Support should go over the top and take the fight to Chat

This petition is addressed to POE-News
Eligible Signatories: All free people of this universe are eligible

WHEREAS the members of the Internet Relay Chatroom "#poe-news," hosted on the server ("Chat"), have entreated to post freely amongst the users of's forums--despite bans meted out almost to the man--for purposes of malarky, ridicule, and intrigue;

AND WHEREAS the nameless moderator(s) of the POE-News forums ("Support") has seen fit to resist this manner of posting by Chat, and has actualized this resistance via the use of suspensions, bannings, and even the deletion of posts, all implemented solely within the domain of the POE-News forums;

AND WHEREAS the freedom of Chat to voice itself on the forums has become a contentious issue amongst POE-News forum posters who would otherwise consider themselves to be non-partisans in this fight (e.g. in the threads "You guys can't force this place to be the kind of place you want," "Free Keefu (bump)," "STOP BANNING PEOPLE");

AND WHEREAS the current battle between Chat and Support has reached an inevitable grudging stalemate, with no potential for resolution or victory of one party's ideals over the other's, even with the exhaustion of all means of rebellion and counter-rebellion possible within the domain of the POE-News forums, with the possible exception of a complete and total vitiation of the POE-News forums themselves;

THEREFORE we, the undersigned, do hereby petition Support to take responsibility for furthering and empowering the clockwork of this debate via previously unconsidered means, specifically by "taking the battle to Chat," i.e. fighting them on the IRC server.

WE, THE UNDERSIGNED, make no attempt to abrogate the rights of the combatants to determine for themselves the procedural logistics of their tactics, however we do humbly put forward the following request that it be funny, and if it cannot be funny that it should at least be interesting, and if it cannot be either of those aforementioned two, that it should at the very minimum be embarrassing. Preferably to someone other than the undersigned.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

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