Taking care of the environment is a duty laid upon all of us. We are all connected and what happens to one of us happens to all of us. Help protect the environment around us for yourself, your neighbors, and generations to come.

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Stop Killing Mountain Lions in Arizona

Mountain lions were classified as a "predatory animal" by the territorial legislature in 1919 and were subject to a bounty of $50 dollars.

This status continued until 1970 when the mountain lion was classified as a big game animal, and a tag was required to hunt one. Data revealed that lion KILLING increased between 250 and 350 animals per year.

The hunting season in Arizona allows unlimited tags with a bag limit of...

Created: 2014-01-20 11:34:34 | By: Bruce Stirling | Current Signatures: 5

Keep The Verde River open

There are very few areas near metro Phoenix where residents can spend time by a flowing river. Arizona is HOT during the summer and it is difficult to find cooler outdoor activities.

Spending time barbequing or camping in your own private spot by the river provides a chance to get outdoors without suffering from the tremendous heat. The lower Verde River runs south from the Bartlett Dam and joins the Salt River. The only part of...

Created: 2014-01-20 06:16:39 | By: Erik Bevan | Current Signatures: 1

BMX Bicycle Usage of Griffith Park land

This is an online petition in support of the continued Bmx Bicycle enthusiast use of Los Angeles Park & Rec land in Griffith Park, located in Los Angeles, Ca.

The location in question is an otherwise un-usable plot of land, located between Forest Lawn Drive, and the Los Angeles river. The location is near to the Forest Lawn Cemetery in Griffith Park. The land has been in use harmoniously, respectfully, and safely, by Bmx...

Created: 2011-01-27 20:27:38 | By: Erik Engstrom | Current Signatures: 3

To build a self-replicating factory on the moon.

Please direct NASA to undertake the construction of a self-replicating lunar factory, as specified in NASA publication N83-15348: "Advanced Automation for Space Missions."

Created: 2010-03-10 02:39:32 | By: Johnathan Littlefish | Current Signatures: 3

Stop Global Warming

We're part of an international effort to solve the climate crisis.

The Alliance for Climate Protection was founded in 2006 by Al Gore, Nobel Laureate and former Vice President of the United States. With more than 2,000,000 members worldwide, the Alliance is a unique non-profit, non-partisan organization that is committed to educating the global community about the urgency of implementing comprehensive solutions to the climate...

Created: 2010-01-24 10:50:51 | By: Repower America | Current Signatures: 31

Stop the stupid advertisements for helping Haiti

Maybe someone can help explain this to me... There are media groups SPENDING money that has been donated to help Haiti earthquake victims (and we're talking millions of dollars) to advertise fund donations for Haiti. Thing is everybody in the Western Hemisphere knows what happened in Haiti, and if you don't well you are deaf, dumb, and blind. So why spend the extra money to advertise this tragedy when the money could be going to help the...

Created: 2010-01-22 22:47:39 | By: Cody Sortore | Current Signatures: 25

Urge Congress to Permanently Protect the Arctic Refuge!

The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is home to caribou, snow fox and millions of migratory birds. It is also the most important onshore denning habitat for America's vanishing polar bears.

But this natural treasure is constantly under siege. Time and time again, the oil industry and their allies in Congress have sought to open this special place to harmful new drilling, threatening all of the wildlife that depend on it for...

Created: 2009-07-20 14:56:20 | By: Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund | Current Signatures: 0

We Don't Need More Dirty Coal!

Coal-fired power plants are the largest source of global warming pollution in the United States-yet right now, our country is poised to increase these emissions by building many new dirty coal plants.

Virtually all of these proposed plants lack carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology, which aims to capture a plant's global warming-causing carbon emissions and store it underground. Building more plants without CCS would lock...

Created: 2009-07-20 12:31:06 | By: Union of Concerned Scientists | Current Signatures: 0

Urge the Obama Administration to Actively Support Climate Legislation

In late June, the House of Representatives took a historic vote to pass comprehensive climate and energy legislation that would put in place a nationwide plan to rein in global warming pollution and establish a cleaner approach to our nation's energy system.

This legislation establishes a critical first step in building the foundation to curb global warming, reduce our dependence on oil, and transition to a clean energy...

Created: 2009-07-20 12:29:17 | By: Union of Concerned Scientists | Current Signatures: 0

Please Sign To Help Stop the Slaughter of Canada Geese In New York!

The highly publicized accident that landed U.S. Airways Flight 1549 in the Hudson River after colliding with a flock of geese in January has caused much anxiety throughout the country. Unfortunately, the media failed to highlight how planes are specifically designed to withstand bird strikes. Now, in a desperate attempt to put passengers at ease, New York City plans to kill thousands of Canada geese in the next few weeks, rationalizing that...

Created: 2009-07-20 12:27:48 | By: roxie f | Current Signatures: 3

Protect Alaska national parks from industrial mining

1 million acres of prime wolf, bear and salmon habitat adjacent to Lake Clark and Katmai national parks could be opened to new mining claims with the stroke of a pen.

Closed to mining since 1971, these wild Alaska lands are integral to Bristol Bay's salmon-supporting ecosystem that is anchored by these two great national parks.

A recommendation from the Bureau of Land Management to lift this mineral closure and...

Created: 2009-07-20 05:54:30 | By: National Parks Conservation Association | Current Signatures: 1

Stop Overusing Antibiotics on Healthy Farm Animals

Resistance to antibiotics is a public health crisis on the rise. These crucial drugs should only be used when necessary but 70 percent of antibiotics used in the United States are given to healthy chickens, pigs and cattle to increase weight gain or to prevent illnesses.

This overuse of antibiotics puts humans in danger because it spreads bacteria that develop resistances to life-saving drugs. That's why we need to pass the...

Created: 2009-07-20 02:48:44 | By: Manuela Rodrigues | Current Signatures: 1

BAN These Cruel Animal "Crush" Movies NOW!


Crush films are videos of small animals being crushed by being stepped on.

These films depict instances of animal cruelty, and/or pornographic acts with animals, usually involving the crushing death of an animal, including insects, mice, rats, guinea pigs, hamsters, monkeys, birds, cats, and dogs. In 1999, the US government banned the depiction of animal cruelty,...

Created: 2009-07-19 13:19:11 | By: Jennifer Edwards | Current Signatures: 4

Lyme Disease Epidemic


Lyme Disease and Coinfections need much better treatments, cures and understanding by the doctors and the entire medical community, with better testing, much more clinical studies and longer treatments as each patient requires.

Insurance companies which overcharge the individuals is a crime, and they must pay for the long term treatments while the patients with Lyme Disease greatly suffers.

Created: 2009-07-19 08:33:37 | By: eric freedman | Current Signatures: 1

Join the Movement to Protect Feral Cats

More than 70 percent of cats who enter our nation's animal pounds and shelters are killed each year. That's 7 in 10 cats! And worse, virtually 100 percent of feral (unsocialized) cats who enter pounds and shelters are killed.

It's going on all across America. And it's got to stop. Time and again, representatives of the shelter system say things like: "We kill them to alleviate future suffering; to save them from fates worse...

Created: 2009-07-19 07:22:21 | By: Alley Cat Allies | Current Signatures: 4

Nuclear weapons: Global Zero is coming

A nuclear weapons proliferation crisis is rapidly building in North Korea, Iran and beyond.

But out of the spotlight, Global Zero, a new alliance of prominent diplomats, military and civic leaders, is beginning to persuade the nuclear powers that there is only one answer to solve this crisis: the elimination of all nuclear weapons.

Presidents Obama and Medvedev are meeting next week. Let's call on them to put...

Created: 2009-07-19 05:53:32 | By: US Citizen | Current Signatures: 2

Hyper Mileage Protection Act

With the ever rising prices of gas it is known that many people are doing everything that they can do save money on gas. If you are one of those people we should find ways to protect the right to save money, and the environment.

I propose that city developers and planners would take the hyper miler philosophy into consideration when planning streets. Stop signs, street lights, and the layout of the streets should follow the...

Created: 2009-07-17 07:19:02 | By: Cody E. Sortore | Current Signatures: 1

Free and clean production now!

Clean production is needed now! So many companies have been moving to China just to avoid production costs in producing clean products that it is overwhelming! The environmental hazard protection in China is devastatingly lower than in the United States which makes it cheaper and easier for companies to manufacture products. However with every teaspoon of spilled oil, or little bit of pollution added to the air our world dies a little.
Created: 2009-07-17 07:09:18 | By: Cody E. Sortore | Current Signatures: 2