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Have you ever felt the pressing need to accomplish something in your town? How about your school, city, home, or neighborhood? Change begins with one voice crying out, soon many voices who were too afraid to cry out before will join in when they see your courage.

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Keep The Verde River open

There are very few areas near metro Phoenix where residents can spend time by a flowing river. Arizona is HOT during the summer and it is difficult to find cooler outdoor activities.

Spending time barbequing or camping in your own private spot by the river provides a chance to get outdoors without suffering from the tremendous heat. The lower Verde River runs south from the Bartlett Dam and joins the Salt River. The only part of...

Created: 2014-01-20 06:16:39 | By: Erik Bevan | Current Signatures: 1

Let's Rename Hercules Avenue, in Memory of Paul Walker and Roger Rodas

Wouldn't it be great if we petitioned the Californian Government and local Santa Clarita Council to get Hercules Avenue renamed to Walker/ Rodas Memorial Way.

With an international outpouring of love and support - this might be a nice way for people to continue remembering two amazing men, who died so tragically.

Website: www.facebook.com/RememberPW

I support the name change of Hercules Avenue, Santa...

Created: 2014-01-16 15:51:24 | By: Trent | Current Signatures: 1

people who support choices for birth.: Call and write representatives

Help us protect the rights of mothers and families in the Charleston area and across the state of South Carolina. Women and families have the right to choose safe, natural birthing methods. The SC Department of Health and Environmental Services (SC DHEC) is taking away the birthing rights of women in our state in less than 15 days time. New interpretations of existing regulations will mean the loss of license for SC Birth Centers like the...

Created: 2013-11-26 11:28:23 | By: Angela Jenkins | Current Signatures: 1

Barry Park HOA Quitcher Bitchin'

It has come to my attention that there are several members of the Barry Park HOA that want to bitch about everything. What's odd is that the exact same people bitch about how much they pay each month to the HOA, and simultaneously ask for more services to be provided... well it's time you quit your bitching. I don't want the HOA in my business any more than they already are, property values are down because of the economy, not because of...

Created: 2013-09-27 15:39:31 | By: A concerned member of the barry park hoa | Current Signatures: 1

restoring the recreation centers

please help restore recreation centers in Baltimore there are killings almost daily contact the mayors office ask her to remove the 2 million dollars proposed for crossroads school
which only serves a small part of the city, and use the money to restore the recreation centers which serves the greater part of the city

Created: 2013-06-29 13:40:28 | By: larry gaines | Current Signatures: 1

Please Sign This Petition To Lower Sales Tax Rates on Used Goods Sold.

Read carefully as this petition affects all American Citizens who engage in buying or selling of used goods in the state of Florida. This is a national problem but this petition is being formed to start at a local level then be addressed at a national level.Currently our State government has instructed all businesses who engage in Retail sales to collect sales tax at a rate imposed by their local county. These rates vary from %6 percent up to...

Created: 2013-05-21 02:54:00 | By: Aaron A Diaz | Current Signatures: 2

Justice in Arkansas

Supposedly on the side of the accused, public defenders for the indigent here contributed to the wrongfull conviction of a 26 year old man. Even though he absolutely and unequivocally denied the allegations offering up his public defender, many options of obtaining the truth
She Declined........ stating "she was not privy to private information".
When 95%-98% of persons accused of major crimes find it necessary to plead...

Created: 2011-05-31 20:40:13 | By: arkansastruthseeker | Current Signatures: 2

New addition to animal bylaw to prevent Dogs that have been deemed dangerous by a provincial court to be allowed in Redwood Meadows

I am looking to have a new By-law implemented into Redwood Meadows that would prevent dogs that have been deemed dangerous by the provincial courts to reside or visit our community. We have a unique Community that doesn't allow us to fence our yards. We have limited means to protect our children from dogs. This bylaw would also prevent anyone from moving into our community and living next door to you with their deemed dangerous dog.

Created: 2011-04-12 13:10:13 | By: Prohibit dangerous dogs Bylaw | Current Signatures: 55

Anti Scavenging Ordinance


Created: 2011-04-04 15:39:45 | By: James Burrus | Current Signatures: 0


Looking back from Hurricane Katrina, this city, Gretna, has showed how cruel, unjust, and unfair it can be! It's time to take a stand! If anyone knows someone, or has had a personal horror story they can share about Gretna, LA should sign this petition.

Created: 2011-03-05 01:24:24 | By: NICOLE HURLEY | Current Signatures: 4

BMX Bicycle Usage of Griffith Park land

This is an online petition in support of the continued Bmx Bicycle enthusiast use of Los Angeles Park & Rec land in Griffith Park, located in Los Angeles, Ca.

The location in question is an otherwise un-usable plot of land, located between Forest Lawn Drive, and the Los Angeles river. The location is near to the Forest Lawn Cemetery in Griffith Park. The land has been in use harmoniously, respectfully, and safely, by Bmx...

Created: 2011-01-27 20:27:38 | By: Erik Engstrom | Current Signatures: 3

Free Michael

Michael Persaud was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Around the age of 5 or 6 his parents began noticing certain irregularities in Michael. That is when they took him to see multiple psychiatrist within those years. At the age of 12 or 13, Michael and his family moved to Orlando, Fl. His erratic behavior became more prominent at times, in others they seemed non existent. His teachers constantly counseled his parents to take him for...

Created: 2011-01-21 22:14:34 | By: Free Michael Persaud | Current Signatures: 11


To the Sulphur Public Schools System Board of Education and the Murray County Sherriff’s Department,

We, the undersigned concerned citizens, are asking for your immediate attention and action concerning the use of inmates on our school grounds during school hours. We understand that the use of this program is beneficial to our community and to our school system in a monetary way, however we disagree with the implementation of...

Created: 2010-09-22 13:13:49 | By: Lanissa Huckabaa | Current Signatures: 23

Innocence Commission for Arkansas

Innocence Commission for Arkansas

Created: 2010-07-22 18:03:35 | By: Concerned Citizen | Current Signatures: 1

Release "Dog Eat Dog" uncensored to DVD

We the unsigned enjoy the game show "Dog Eat Dog" and would like to see it released onto DVD uncensored. It has everything one likes in a fun, nonconfrontational game show.

We enjoy the trivia and the physical challenges. We would like to see the uncensored nudity from Brooke Burns opening the the show naked all the way to the strip quarterback game. Therefore, we ask you to give the fans what they want and release "Dog Eat...

Created: 2010-02-04 16:55:27 | By: Kevin Joyce | Current Signatures: 180


Dogs are not bred to FIGHT
"LOSING" dogs are usually thrown away or put to death
People that enjoy watching this "past-time" have issues

Created: 2010-01-25 21:18:37 | By: Cindi Lovaglio | Current Signatures: 20

Mandatory Life Sentences for Pedophiles & Child Molesters, Death for Child Killers.

We have to get the laws changed not only in canada but everywere.governments all around the world know the problem and are trying to stop it. but the sentences are not tough enough..these people are getting minimal sentences for a crime that not only affects the child mentally but physically, and the emotional damage it does to the familys. 90 percent of child molesters are out of jail in under 6 years, and most will do it again. there are...

Created: 2010-01-23 16:55:46 | By: Krystle Spielman | Current Signatures: 96

Stop auto insurance companies from using Credit Scores as a basis for insurance rates

I know I'm not the only person tired of having my auto insurance rate based on my credit score. For years the government has allowed insurance companies to use our credit scores as a basis for car insurance. Not only is this insulting (even for someone like myself who has fairly good credit) but it has no basis in the auto insurance realm. Auto insurance should be based primarily on driving record, not excluding tickets removed by those...

Created: 2010-01-11 11:00:11 | By: Cody Sortore | Current Signatures: 17

Fans Lobbying to Protect Racecourse


July 2009

Dear Sirs,

Online Petition in Favour of WREXHAM LOCAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN 2006-2021. LDP

The RED PASSION community website consisting of Wrexham fans from all corners of the globe and including residents of Wrexham Borough, wish to encourage councillors on the planning policy committee, to...

Created: 2009-07-20 12:37:00 | By: Toby Clark | Current Signatures: 0 | Petition Website: Red Passion


End the double standard that gives the lie to "legal" drug classifications.

A. The NATURAL HERB, marijuana, is classified as Schedule ONE and criminalized because it is deemed dangerous and without medicinal value.
The Natural Herb is a complete, highly complex set of cannibinoids and other organic compounds. It has been safe & successful for treatment of many ailments for thousands of years.

Created: 2009-07-19 23:16:44 | By: Ani L. Schwartz | Current Signatures: 0

Lyme Disease Epidemic


Lyme Disease and Coinfections need much better treatments, cures and understanding by the doctors and the entire medical community, with better testing, much more clinical studies and longer treatments as each patient requires.

Insurance companies which overcharge the individuals is a crime, and they must pay for the long term treatments while the patients with Lyme Disease greatly suffers.

Created: 2009-07-19 08:33:37 | By: eric freedman | Current Signatures: 1